I have installed Inner Tube on a computer, but I want to move it to another computer, or re-install Windows. Can I do this?

You can install Inner Tube on up to two computers, as long as it is only used on one computer at a time. If you need to use Inner Tube on two computers at the same time you need two copies of Inner Tube.

If you wish to move your registration from one computer to another, download the removal / move tool at: http://www.somaticvision.com/downloads/public/Transfer_Tool_Setup_2.0.exe

Skin Conductance Stability is Stuck at 1.0 / Max

Try applying moisturizer to the two fingers that have the finger sensors with the thinner cables attached. The middle sensor with the thicker cord and small gold dot on the top of the finger sensor should not get moisturizer on it.

I can't get anything to change, and the numbers at the bottom of the screen are all 0 or not moving.

First make sure you have the finger sensors on with the DOUBLE-LATCHES over your FINGERNAILS. If you don't see any measurements changing in the measurement bar at the bottom of the screen you either don't have the hardware attached, don't have your finger sensors in, or need to APPLY MOISURIZER TO YOUR FINGERS.

My heart rate variability measurement stays at 0 (the other measurements are changing) so nothing changes in Inner Tube

If the skin conductance measurements are changing, but you can't get your heart rate variability to increase from 0 (a common initial problem) relax and start to breathe with a 5 second in breath and a 5 second out breath. Imagine a positive, relaxing situation. Take a moment to close your eyes and try to let go of worries. Let your stress melt into your chair. Try to feel positive emotions such as love and caring.

I get a DirectX error and can't start the software. What can I do?

You must update your video drivers. Go to the manufacturer's web-site, then to the download section. Search for the model number of your video card. If you are not sure what type of graphics card you have, you can find out by going to the following location: right-click "My Computer" -> left-click "Properties" -> left-click "Device Manager" -> left-click the plus next to "Display Adapters". The named device under display adapters is the manufacturer and model of your graphics card. This will generally solve the problem. If this doesn't solve your problem you must get a graphics card (not an onboard graphics controller) that meets the specifications for the software that you are using (check the back of the cd case).

I'm to trying to upgrade Inner Tube 1.01 to 2 (with the free 1.x to 2 upgrade download) but the upgrader does not find version 1.x and says I must first install version 1 to its original directory.

You must have your version 1 product installed to C:\Program Files\your product. The upgrader currently has difficulty upgrading from the very first release (v 1.01), so if you have not upgraded your product to 1.02 or greater in the past you need to download update_1.bmp (right click -> save target as...) and place it in your product directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Particle Explorer\update_1.bmp") for the upgrade to "find" your version 1 product.

I am getting a "Finger sensors are not connected" message

If you have checked to make sure the sensors are connected to the computer, most likely you either have the finger sensors on upside down (make sure the double latches are over your fingernails) or your hands are too dry (try applying moisturizer on your fingers before using the finger sensors).

My heart rate reading doesn't seem accurate or is in error

If you move your fingers you can create false heart rate measurements (finger movement artifacts). Also if you are cold or have poor circulation the finger sensors may have trouble reading your heart rate. In either case faulty readings appear as the heart rate jumping directly to about twice or half its value (from 50 directly to 100 beats per minute for example). Try keeping your fingers still, putting on a sweater, or turning on the heat in your home. You can also warm your hands by relaxing, as relaxation tends to lead to warmer hands through increased blood flow to your hands and feet.

I am having difficulty registering Inner Tube

  1. In order to register you must have purchased a serial number. The serial number looks something like "00018-7G4D9ABD0D1J”.
  2. Open the Somatic Vision Product Registration by going to "Start Menu –> Programs -> {Your Product} -> Register" (or if the trial has ended just press "Yes" to activate when asked to activate).
  3. Enter the serial number in the "Product Serial Number" box.
  4. The product name, computer code and product status will all automatically fill in when you enter a valid serial number.
  5. Click the button "www.somaticvision.com/registration/" to register on line with this computer. If the computer you are using does not have internet access you will need to write down the computer code and serial number, go to another computer (with internet), and go to our registration page at www.somaticvision.com/registration/.
  6. Enter your details and press "Unlock Product". Write down the unlock code you receive.
  7. Enter the unlock code into the "Enter unlock code" section of the Somatic Vision Product Registration and press "Submit Registration ". Make sure to enter the unlock code into the one computer you want to unlock (if you got the code using another computer’s internet access switch back to the original computer to enter the unlock code).