From biofeedback games to dog days, colleges work hard to defuse student stress during exams

According to US News and World Report, Colleges are pulling out all the stops to help students beat stress during high-pressure exam weeks. And biofeedback has a place at the table!

This is great news, since intense work and school pressure often make our minds cloudy and disorganized right when we need to perform best — and biofeedback training is a proven way to conquer our stress and move confidently through challenges. By physically, consciously calming our body, we calm our mind as well.

Other great ideas for strss-busting at colleges have been "dog days," during which faculty and staff bring their dogs to campus to play with stressed-out students, prayer events, contra dancing, and midnight breakfasts to raise money for charity.

A lot of the events at colleges stem from open communication between students and school administrators. At Bentley, students asked that special fitness classes, such as fitness and pilates, be offered during finals week. They got them. "We try to listen to what students are telling us in our efforts to help them with stress," says Andrew Shepardson, the school's dean of students.

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