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For 5 years now, Somatic Vision has been working with psychotherapists and biofeedback experts to put a fun — and effective — spin on the practice of biofeedback.

(If you're not familiar with it, biofeedback is the practice of using your body's signals to measure and display its stress levels. Through biofeedback, people can see the progress they are making as they learn to control "automatic" functions such as breathing and heart rate, thereby releasing stress and attaining better mental clarity in difficult situations.)

Now, Somatic Vision is taking its proven approach out of the clinic and and making it accessible to anyone in this busy world who is interested in improving their ability to succeed in stressful situations.

Through a platform of unintimidating games, audio and visual environments, software-based workshops, and the integration of a virtual Coach, we make it easy for you to measure and address the stress you are carrying around in your life. We make it easy for you to better handle challenging school projects, public speaking engagements, parenthood, focus or concentration issues, critical security tasks you may need to perform in your line of work, and many other tense and overwhelming commitments you may have.

How cool is that?

We think it's way cool, which is why we're doing it!

We hope you'll visit here often for tips and tricks provided by Yuval Oded, a Clinical Psychophysiologist who has developed biofeedback programs to help military personnel keep a clear head, suppress unhelpful responses to difficult situations, and effectively manage an array of decisions and tasks at hand. Oded also integrates biofeedback in his clinical programs to help patients manage stress and anxiety — the common causes of most ailments and medical conditions.

And we hope you'll make use of our forum and comment freely here on the blog.

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