Alive Comprehensive Stress Management & Peak Performance Training

Alive Product TitleAlive Active Feedback Games and Tools


Alive includes an array of engaging games, environments and graphs designed to help you build mental performance and manage daily stress while having fun.

Using the same proven training technologies used by winning athletes and in clinics worldwide, Alive includes effective coaching tools and individual performance tracking.

Alive provides the ultimate foundation for home or clinical feedback training. Somatic Vision Add-On products extend Alive with a huge variety of additional games and options.

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iFeel, Android & Home Use

Alive with iFeel Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor


The iFeel Sensor is a comfortable, hospital-grade, USB or Bluetooth heart rate sensor.


iFeel USB Sensor starting at $99 »


iFeel Bluetooth with Alive starting at $219 »


iFeel Bluetooth for Android starting at $249 »

Dreamscapes Add-On

Dreamscapes for Alive

Dreamscapes is a mega environment, creativity and relaxing brain-game pack to Add-On to all versions of Alive.

See the complete list of Dreamscapes games.

Filled with stunningly beautiful 3D environments to explore!

Stimulate the mind with puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku and more.

Express your creativity through painting, making music, video camera feedback and video effects.

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Advanced Media Player Add-On

Advanced Media Player for Alive

Advanced Media Player

  • YouTube — search and play YouTube videos for an unending stream of fun, free content
  • Watch DVDs or play almost any video file on your computer
  • Read Kindle books through the Amazon online reader

Choose from a variety of effects — for example the video fades out, and the volume lowers, when your Smoothness lowers.

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Arcade Add-On or Standalone


Mega game pack of 25 fun and challenging games.

For kids and adults who enjoy video games. Arcade contains a huge variety of games for all ages and experience levels. With over 100 hours of fun and challenging games, Arcade keeps people coming back to train to improve their control over feedback and to master each game.

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Virtual Reality Biofeedback

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Biofeedback

Somatic Vision VR — Fully Immersive 3D Games and Environments


Feel like you have been transported to another world — a world that changes in response to your relaxation and mood shifts.

Virtual Reality feedback is stronger and more fun than traditional feedback!

  • Change night to day by relaxing on a beautiful tropical beach.
  • Fly as an eagle — Look down on Earth from space

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Tropical Heat Add-On or Standalone

Jet Ski RacingTropical Heat Jet Ski Racing
and relaxing island cruise mode

Tropical Heat is stunningly beautiful, and has the highest quality graphics available for heart rate feedback.

Tropical Heat is FUN with a wide variety of tricks, islands, Jet Skis and animals you can race. You can also optionally race with others online.

Tropical Heat is EASY with autopilot options and a relaxing island cruise mode for a deeply relaxing, instant tropical vacation.

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Standalone Products

For those who already have Lightstone or IOM Wild Divine finger sensors — or those who want the complete legacy package including finger sensors — Somatic Vision is continuing to offer its legacy and standalone games. These games have been very successful in clinical settings, helping children, parents, executives, and others use active feedback to control their stress levels and achieve better mental and physical performance.


Dual Drive Pro


Relax to win this off-road racing game.

Dual Drive responds to reliable measures of stress and relaxation: heart rate rhythms and sweat changes.

With Dual Drive, you can master proven tools for peak performance and stress reduction. You can also learn to control your heart rate with your breathing in a step-by-step tutorial and benefit from progress reports and session reviews showing your increasing ability to relax.

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Particle Editor 3


100 Fun & Relaxing Mini-Game Environments that you can customize yourself!

Particle Editor 3 Mini-Games come in a wide variety of visual styles, and each game responds to the stress levels reflected by your heart rate and finger sweat.

Control each Mini-Game Environment with your mind as graphics and music guide you directly into deep states of relaxation and peace.

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Inner Tube 3


Now with 3 new ships and 60 additional levels!

Relax to win: Control ship speed with your mind. Race against the clock to the end of 80 tunnel levels while ship speed, fog, and music respond to stress levels.

Fun for kids, teens and gamers. Teaches useful skills to parents, athletes, executives and anyone who needs to stay relaxed, responsive and resourceful under pressure.

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Alive Home Study Course: Stress Management for Transformation

Alive Home Study CourseStress Management for Transformation
Stress Management for Transformation

Alive & Beyond! Somatic Vision's new Stress Management Training (SMT) course for Alive is packed with exercises and tips.

Discover the many types and causes of stress and difficulty in your life.

219 pages of powerful techniques and important information on how to manage and transform stress to be truly Alive.

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Learn more about the Stress Management for Transformation materials

Alive Sensors

Choosing a Sensor

Alive, and all Alive games, can be used with any of the following sensors. If you already own one of the sensors below, you can purchase Alive and use it with that sensor. If you don't own a sensor, or are looking to upgrade, you can purchase Alive bundled with a sensor of your choice. All sensors below include a heart rate sensor that measures HRV (which in Alive we call Smoothness).

The GP8 Amp is a professional USB multi-modality sensor built by J&J Engineering. The GP8 Amp measures Temperature, 2 Channel EMG, SCL (skin conductance), ECG heart rate, BVP heart rate, and optionally, Breathing. This sensor is highly accurate, but more difficult to use. This is a good choice for trained professionals looking to make the most out of Alive. Alive can use the GP8 Amp together with the iFeel Sensor. The iFeel Sensor has a more comfortable and easy to use finger and ear heart rate sensor. If you want to train EMG, Temperature, or Respiration, or if you want a highly accurate skin conductance measurement, choose the GP8 Amp. The GP8 Amp also has inexpensive replacement sensors available, so this is a good long-term investment. Windows only.

  • For Trained Professionals
  • Heart Rate (ECG, Finger & Ear), HRV (Smoothness), Skin Conductance, Temperature, Respiration, 2-Channel EMG
  • USB — Windows Only

iFeeliFeel Bluetooth Sensor

Alive is available for the hospital grade iFeel Sensor. This highly accurate and comfortable sensor measures heart rate, HRV, SpO2 and blood volume pulse amplitude. This is a Bluetooth sensor and requires either a computer with Bluetooth, or an Android device (with our Android Apps). This is our least expensive, yet most accurate device. The iFeel Sensor comes with both finger and ear sensors. If you only need heart rate / HRV we suggest purchasing the iFeel Sensor. Works with Windows, Mac, and Android.

  • Easy to Use
  • Heart Rate, HRV (Smoothness), SpO2
  • Bluetooth — Windows, Mac & Android

Wild Divine

Lightstone Finger Sensors

Wild Divine has discontinued production of IOM and Lightstone sensors. Many clinicians prefer Wild Divine sensors as they provide both heart rate and skin sweat in a simple and easy to use USB package. Somatic Vision has a large inventory of open box / gently used Lightstone sensors still available for sale for use with Alive. All Lighstone sensors have been fully tested and come with a 90-day warranty. If you want heart rate, HRV, and skin conductance in an easy to use device, choose the Lightstone sensor. This is our easiest-to-use sensor. Works with Windows and Mac computers.

  • Easiest Sensor to Use
  • Heart Rate, HRV (Smoothness), Skin Conductance
  • USB — Windows & Mac


Alive stress training emWave sensoremWave sensor

Alive is available in a version that works with the USB HeartMath emWave sensor. The emWave sensor measures heart rate, and includes the emWave Coherence measurements along with the standard Alive Smoothness (HRV). All packages of Alive that include an emWave sensor include both earclip and finger sensors. Works with Windows and Mac computers.

  • Includes both Finger and Ear Sensors
  • Heart Rate, HRV (Smoothness & HeartMath Coherence Available)
  • USB — Windows & Mac

Licensing and Patent Information

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