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Click below to better understand the powerful experience of using Alive to create a more stress-free life:

Additionally, Ryan Deluz, the creator of Alive has made several instructional videos that provide helpful walkthroughs.

Alive Frequent Support Questions

Manual Download for Alive Autoupdates

The latest Alive version is 2.6.1

You can see what changes have been made to Alive in the Alive Update Log.

If you own Alive 1.x (such as 1.8.4) you can update to Alive 2.x for free. You will need to download Alive 2 from

If you have Alive 2 installed, Alive updates itself automatically. If you don't yet have Alive 2 installed, please install Alive from If you have Alive 2 installed but you are not receiving Alive autoupdates, due to lack of an internet connection, security settings on your computer such as a restrictive firewall, or failed downloads due to a slow connection, you can manually download Alive updates here.

To install updates:

  1. Open Alive and note the version number it shows when first loading Alive.
  2. Download each update listed below greater than that version number, and install them in order (if you have Alive 2.2.3 first install update 2.2.4, then update 2.2.5, etc.)

Problems Downloading Alive

To install Alive on Windows you use one of the Alive Downloaders. The Downloaders download all Alive files and then run Alive Setup to begin installation.

There are both Standard and Alternate Alive Downloaders.

Begin by using the Download Alive link at This Downloader will download Alive in 300 MB parts. If a part contains errors, the percent completed shown in the Downloader will decrease and that part will be downloaded again.

If you have a problem with the Standard Downloader, use the Alternate Alive Downloader link from that same page.

If you are unable to download Alive using either Downloader, try again on another computer with a faster Internet connection. Once the Downloader finishes downloading, all required installation files are saved in a single folder either on your desktop, or in whatever folder you saved the Downloader in. You can then copy these files onto a USB drive and transfer them to the computer that you wish to install Alive on.

If you can't use any of the Alive downloaders, you can manually download all Alive files from the following links. You may wish to use a download manager to ensure each file is downloaded completely and without errors. Make sure all files are in the same folder, and have the file names exactly as listed below (you may not see the .exe extension if your computer is set to hide extensions). Once all files are fully downloaded and in the same folder you can run Alive_Setup_2.3.0.9.exe to install Alive.

GP8 Amp Heart Rate Signal Quality

Most GP8 Amp BVP (finger heart rate) errors are caused by improper placement of the finger in the sensor. Move your finger out of the sensor a bit, then a bit more. Switch which BVP sensor you are using or move the sensor to a smaller finger. You can also purchase an iFeel Sensor which works with the GP8 Amp as a highly accurate and very comfortable and easy to use heart rate source.

Most GP8 Amp ECG errors are caused by movements or poor conductance (move hair out of the way or change electrode location, clean the skin and sensor with alcohol wipes, move the electrode slightly). Please read the GP8 Amp User Guide for more information.

Also, make sure you have your heart rate source set correctly on the Alive Main Menu.

For a detailed tutorial on fixing common GP8 Amp heart rate errors please watch this video:


Alive Crashing on Startup

Alive relies on certain standard Windows components. If these components are missing or have been replaced Alive may crash on startup.

Alive relies on Windows components installed with Windows Media Player. If you don't have Windows Media Player installed you may need to install it to fix your Alive crash. To install Windows Media Player use Turn Windows features on or off from Control Panel.

The following software is known to replace required Windows components and cause Alive to crash:
Cyberlink PowerDVD
InterVideo WinDVD

These software packages may have come bundled with your computer . If Alive is crashing it is recommended that you uninstall these software packages if they are present on your system.

In addition some video screen capture software, for example Replay Video Capture 6, replaces standard Windows components and causes crashes.

If you do not have any of these software packages installed, or prefer not to uninstall them, you may be able to fix Alive by downloading and installing the latest full version of Alive from:

Exporting and Importing Users in Alive

If you want to copy all of your Alive users to another computer, the process is simple as long as you don't have any Alive users on your new computer. Simply open your Documents folder on your original computer with Alive, and copy the entire Alive Sessions folder to a USB drive. Place the Alive Sessions folder into the Documents folder on your new computer. THIS WILL OVERWRITE ANY ALIVE USERS ON YOUR NEW COMPUTER.

If you have Alive users on two computers, but want to copy a single user (or multiple users) without losing users on the computer you would like to copy to, you must use the Alive Import / Export users feature:

  1. Open Alive
  2. Before choosing a user click "export user" (on the right side)
  3. Click the user name you want to export. A dialog box will pop up letting you know where to find the files on your computer.
  4. Open your Documents folder and find, but don't open the Alive Exported Users folder. Copy the Alive Exported Users folder to a USB drive, or in any other way copy it to your other computer. On the other computer put it in the Documents folder (where you can see the Alive Session folder, so in your Documents there are both Alive Sessions folder and the Alive Exported Users folder).
  5. Open Alive on your new computer and click import user.
  6. Choose the user name for the client you exported.

Installing Alive on a Computer Without Internet

If you do not have an Alive DVD and want to install Alive on a computer without an Internet connection please watch the following video, or follow the instructions in the video description:

I am getting a "Finger sensors are not connected" message

If you have checked to make sure the sensors are connected to the computer, most likely you either have the finger sensors on upside down (make sure the double latches are over your fingernails) or your hands are too dry (try applying moisturizer on your fingers before using the finger sensors).

If you have both emWave and IOM sensors, make sure only one is plugged in (the one you want to use with Alive). Occasionally restarting the computer may be required.

If your finger sensors used to work on your IOM, but now have stopped working, you may need to replace just the finger sensor part. You can purchase new finger sensors by contacting Wild Divine through their website

How to register Alive on a computer without an Internet connection

To register Alive on a computer without an Internet connection, you need access to a 2nd computer, with an Internet connection.

On the target computer, where you want to register Alive:
1. Go to Start Menu -> Programs -> Alive and open Alive.
2. If you still have trials, press 'No' to register Alive.
3. Enter your serial number and press 'OK'.
4. Write down, or copy to a new document, the information, especially the computer code, shown. Then press 'OK'.
5. Press 'No' to indicate the computer is not connected to the Internet.

On a second computer, with an internet connection
6. Go to
7. Enter your name, serial number, and computer code. The computer code is the code we got from step 4 above.
8. Press 'Unlock Product' and you should see your unlock code. Write this code down, or copy it to a new document.

On the first, target computer, where you want to register Alive:
9. Enter the Unlock Code from step 8 above. Press 'OK'.

Alive will now be registered on the target computer.

Execution of command 'ServerOpen.exe' failed or "Permission" problem

If you are having problems, when opening Alive or Alive Environments, that give an error message relating to "ServerOpen.exe", "Error 5", or a "Permission" error you may have an anti-virus or anti-spyware program running that is preventing Alive from functioning properly. Please temporarily disable, or properly configure, your anti-virus or anti-spyware program to allow Alive to fully function. For example you may need to add an exception for the SomaticVisionServer.exe to your firewall, or disable (or properly configure) Comodo "Defense + Security level" protection.

How do I Register the Alive Clinical Version Upgrade?

The Alive Clinical Version Upgrade does not require you to download any additional files (as long as you already have Alive version 1.0 or higher). You can simply use your new Alive Clinical Version Upgrade with your existing Alive software as follows.

On a new computer register using your new Alive Clinical Version serial number when prompted to register Alive. You don't need to use the original Alive serial number at all.

On a computer that you have already registered the basic version of Alive follow these steps:

  1. Open Alive.
  2. Select a user that has main menu access.
  3. Choose Graph Training from the Alive Workshops section.
  4. Choose one of the advanced graphing modes from Choose Graphs (any graph but Absolute Heart Rate).
  5. Register your new Alive Clinical Version Upgrade serial number using the registration window that appears. If you have trial uses left you will need to press no to register.